The Committee 

Lee Dean 


I’ve only been on 2 wheels for a comparatively short term compared to some of you fellow HOG’s but certainly had the clichéd “always wanted a Harley” from a young age. I ran a pub in the hills for a few years in the late 90’s which defiantly reaffirmed my desire to get on a bike, being known as the local drop in across the road from the great Johnny Graham Leathersmith shop in Hahndorf I saw all types of bikes but the Harley was the one I wanted!!!

Eventually in 2013 I got my L’s and purchased a 250 Suzuki to start my “apprenticeship” after only a couple of months I needed something a bit bigger so purchased a Ninja 650. Eventually after a few years saving I was ready to upgrade to the real deal. I’d been in a few shops to look at Harley’s but it wasn’t till Oct 16 when I walked into Bikeworks and was welcomed by the team and shown around that I knew the time was here. I spoke to Mark and said “I’m after a 2ndhand softie”, his reply was “yeah we can help you out BUT have you seen these Breakout’s”. Half an hour later I was the very proud owner of my first Harley Davidson, my beautiful 2017 Hard Candy Breakout, Lucille, yes she has a name .

2 weeks later I showed up for my first HOG ride, Slug was the first to hold out his hand and say “G’day’” and the rest is history. I’ve met some great people, had some good laughs and look forward to many more. I also love getting out on charity rides and repping the Bayside banner.


Jane Crase

Riding has been in my veins since I was young, riding trikes and odysseys around the farm and on the beach in Eastern Victoria before returning home to Pt Lincoln where I bought a Yamaha YZ 125 and found my passion for dirt bikes and Moto X.
Following an accident which caused me to take an extended break from riding I finally bought my first road bike 10 years ago, a Honda Shadow. It wasn’t long before I upgraded to my 95 Heritage Softail Nostalgia, which was shortly after my husband Dave bought his 06 Softail Standard (can’t let him have all the fun!).
Dave and I became Bayside members in March 2016 soon after the chapter kicked off. Slug (who worked with Dave) suggested we join up and as Blair and Bikeworks were already taking good care of our Harley’s we thought that sounded like a great idea.
We enjoy weekend rides to out of the way places, have joined in on the Toy Runs and loved being a part of the Clipsal 500 Drivers Parades I was humbled to be approached to take on the role of Treasurer, being handed the baton from Bron who has done a stellar job from the beginning. I know I have big shoes to fill but feel my background in finance and administration will assist me to contribute to the committee and club. Looking forward to joining in on the rides and rallies now that the children have all left the nest and a recent career change will now give me more free
time for club activities.
Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!

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Matt Woo

Head Road Captain

I developed a love for two wheels from an early age.  All things bicycle, BMX, mountain bikes and motorbikes.
Growing up in country NSW there were ample opportunities to enjoy learning to ride, motor bikes on farms, and dirt
tracks.  I have fond memories of bikes like the Honda Z50J, Honda express, Honda XR100 and others.
My fascination for motorcycles grew, seeing guys riding Harley Davidsons – the sound, the look - all so very cool.
Then the movie Terminator 2 hit the screens, and Arnie on that original 1990 Fatboy stoked the fire further.
I obtained my motorcycle license at 18. However, it wasn’t until 2011 until the dream was fulfilled, and I proudly
purchased by first Harley, a Sportster Iron 883.  I quickly outgrew the sporty and replaced it with an Arnie inspired
2012 Fatboy 103.  It was a serious step up, more comfort, more power and more fun!  I joined the Adelaide Chapter
HOG in 2013 enjoying the friendship and comradery that being part of a chapter offered.  I was an active member
acting as one of the Road Captains.  In 2015, I bought a sparkly silver 2015 CVO Street Glide, a great bike that
fueled my passion for touring. Life responsibilities resulted in me selling my bike. I took a short break from Harley and HOG for about 3 years joining the Bayside Chapter upon my return.  You can’t always see it, but I’m constantly smiling inside my helmet
aboard my current ride, a 2018 Street Glide Special!
The wonderful thing about Harley is the passion that the brand evokes, and the instant comradery that is shared
between fellow Harley riders. I have seen parts of Australia, shared new experiences and made wonderful friends all
because of riding a Harley. Short quick blasts, a whole day out on a weekend, or road trip away; no matter what type of ride there is always fun to be had. Here in South Australia we are spoilt for riding routes and destinations. Twisty hills, stunning coastline, river flats, vineyards, outback red dirt, and nice open spaces.  Such stunning views, and all within a relatively close distance to
Adelaide. Away from bikes I enjoy wine, cooking, staying fit & active and watching sport. Having held the role of safety officer I’m very pleased to take on the Head Road Captain position.
The big attraction to HOG for me personally is the rides. I look forward to lots rides and lots of fun!


Grant Brown

Safety Officer



Andrew Towers

Membership Officer

I have been riding bikes since I was 17, I started with a DT 250 Yamaha and spent many hours ripping through any sand dunes I could find, that was back in the days before we started to think about the irreparable damage that was being done. When I was 20 I moved to WA and worked at an iron ore mine and lived in the single men’s quarters,( great life back then)I bought myself a TS 250 Suzuki, most weekends were spent riding through the scrub and salt flats. I had other bikes through my working life a Suzuki GT 380 but not for fun just cheap transport.

I always wanted a Harley Davidson in my young adult life but it always was just a dream. When DIanne and I lived in Sydney we lived at Ashfield just around the corner was the Victory / Indian dealer and just down the road was Frazers. We started to look and decided the time was right. We used to hire them on weekends and decided to buy one on our return to Adelaide, little did I think then that I would own 2 of them a 2017 Heritage Softail and a 2019 CVO Street Glide.

I enjoy being part of the committee of this exceptional club, it is has great team spirit and can only get better.


Jeff Brooks

Road Captain / Historian

Have been a motorcycle enthusiast for many years but the passion started as a young lad looking through all of my Dad’s old motorcycle racing photo’s, those days it was a road bike stripped down for the weekends racing, mostly on dirt of course.  My best mate Bruce (RIP buddy) would be out on his parents farm just waiting for them to bugga off then straight into the old barn to crank up the old 1956 Triumph Thunderbird.

 We would grab two five gallon tins to balance the Trumpy on….(we were both 10 years old by the way)… crank the bike over and we would be off and running, riding that Triumph until our kidneys couldn’t handle it anymore.  To stop the old bike was even more interesting with me jumping off to balance Bruce and the bike……… the riding being great fun, but the getting off not so much fun!

 From those very early days as a young lad I was never too far away from motorcycles, all mainly pretty fast ones of course, but as you get a bit older you look for style, class and comfort and Harley Davidson has that and more.  My first Harley was a Heritage Softail, bloody great bike.  We joined up to ride with the Harley Owners group in Adelaide and when Blair Freeth started up his dealership Adelaide Harley Davidson Bike Works we (Rach – ‘Rocket’ and I – ‘Grumpy’ – the nick name has just stuck)  jumped at the chance to sign up for the new Bayside HOG Chapter and haven’t looked back since.

Our current Harley is a 2017 M8 Streetglide which we purchased from Blair and the Bikeworks team (best dealership in Australia – Hope you read that last bit Blair??) and have ridden it all over the state.  Being asked to become a road Captain with Bayside HOG was special, I will not lead you astray, much!! Trust me, famous last words! Rachel and myself look forward to many more years riding with fantastic like-minded folks making lots more HOG friends in our travels.


John Winkworth

Road Captain /  Rally Co-ordinator 

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 16 - starting out on Suzuki RM250A motocross and PE 250 with the Reeves Dirt Bike club, then jumping onto a Z1000J Kawasaki.

I gave up riding for a while due to family and work commitments and jumped on my first Harley-Davidson in 2011 – a 2008 Dyna Super Glide Custom.  I had a ball on the bike and quickly signed up as a HOG member in 2012.  9 years a HOG chapter member and haven’t looked back. 

I traded the Dyna for a 2013 Softail which was followed by a 2014 Rushmore Streetglide then up to a 2016 CVO street glide, 2018 StreetGlide S and now on a 2020 Ultra limited with the last three Harleys purchased from the best HD dealer in Oz – Adelaide Harley Davidson Bike Works.   

I have put over 150,000 kilometres on our Harleys touring Australia, attending state and national HOG rallies and chapter rides across South Australia. 

When the Bayside HOG Chapter was formed in early 2016 I jumped at the chance to roll up my sleeves and get involved, initially as the inaugural safety officer, Assistant Director and then Chapter Director for the last 4 years.  Having served as a charter member and charter committee member for 5 years I have just stepped down from that role, I will now be involved with this great chapter as a Road Captain as well as assisting on the rally sub-committee.  

I look forward to helping out and taking some great rides and enjoying our Harleys with good friends and plenty of fun for all. 

In the immortal words of our first director John (Frip) Freeth – BAYSIDE ROCKS!!





Chapter Enamel Pin.JPG

Steve Warren 

Assistant Director 

Growing up in Mildura county Victoria, riding motorbikes becomes second nature. I rode many bikes from a young age but the first bike I bought with my own money was a Honda XL250s for $400 at the age of 13. As the years went on there were so many different bikes such as a KX250, CR250 and a Yamaha YZ 250 mainly for riding down along the Murray River and motor cross events . When I finally got my bike licence I purchased a KLR 250 road trail bike that I rode for many years .

Upon moving to Adelaide I sold all the bikes and then didn’t ride for a very long time. All until one day a very good friend of mine come over from Mildura and rode up the driveway on his  new Softail Standard and said what do you reckon, I looked at the smile on his face and knew I had to have one . As a happily married man to Serena and four wonderful kids a Harley really wasn’t on the radar as family always comes first but one day I walked into Adelaide Harley Davidson Bike Works  in 2016 "just to have a look" and two hours later with Serena’s blessing I was a proud owner of a 2007 Softail Custom which is the bike I still ride today . 

Its a privilege to take on the Head Road Captain position and to give back to this awesome club where I have met so many great people with the same passion. Hope to see you on the road soon, ride safe!


Korina Wild

LOH officer

I am relatively new to riding about 4 years now. Some might say a midlife crisis at my age, I say a midlife wake up call.
I was encouraged by a fellow girl rider if you love being on the back so much, then why don’t you get your own license, not something I had previously thought of but instinctively thought why not I can do anything I put my mind to. So off I trotted and booked in the licence and the rest is history.
My first experiences on motorbikes was at a young age being on the back of my father’s motorcycles as a young girl. I Purchased my first motorcycle in 2018 it was a 2010 Laro 250cc
motor bike to start with. I have always loved the brand Harley Davidson but didn’t think I would be in a position to own one at the time. After lots of encouragement from my friends and family, I quickly outgrew that bike and wanted something with a bit more personality and power so purchased my first Harley Davidson a 1995 Purple 1200 Sportster (Penelope is her name) – I
was not legally allowed to ride that yet as I was still on a restricted license, so I also brought a Street 500 (Black Betty was her name).
I was introduced to this awesome club by some awesome chicks I know who are inaugural members with Bayside Chapter, and have been a member now for two ½ years. I love the inclusive nature of this club and everybody has made me feel so welcome. In summer I like to ride every weekend when I can, my time on my bike is called my happy place, it’s the place I am most comfortable on and can just be me. This is my first season as a committee member and I feel privileged to have been asked to represent this club. I look forward to encouraging all to participate in this great club. The thing I love most about motorcycles is its inclusive nature. Just Ride!


Dianne Towers 


My husband Andrew and I always spoke about riding a Harley off into the sunset with only a toothbrush in our bag.  If I was to be completely honest, I never really thought that in my lifetime this would come to fruition, as I hadn’t been on the back of a bike since I was a teenager. 

Whilst living in Sydney we would a hire a Harley and trip around on weekends.  We then looked at buying a Harley Davidson, however we decided to wait until we returned to Adelaide to live and what a great decision that turned out to be.

On one of my morning walks I spotted the Adelaide Harley Davidson Bikeworks van, the planets finally aligned and Andrew was home so he agreed to go and ‘look only’.   After kicking Andrew under the table and mouthing, “just do it”, we bought our first Harley, a 2017 Heritage Softail.  I happened to mention, that this was a once in a lifetime experience, to which Mark Laube laughed and said, “this is contagious - there is never just one”!!!

We have met a bunch of amazing people and have made some wonderful friends.  We have been and seen places (including many bakeries) I never knew existed and we thoroughly enjoy the weekend rides, especially the overnighters.

Oh, and yes, it is contagious, there is now a second - a 2019 CVO Street Glide  - because I worked out I need a little more than a


Sandi Both 

Activities Officer

I have been married to Jorg  for 33 years.  We have two children, a Son and Daughter .  We immigrated from South Africa in 2004

Our first Harley together was a VRod (Mistress) and now we have a Road King (Old Lady) .  

Riding and meeting new people has been amazing.  Being part of the Bayside Chapter is like being part of a family, great rides and most of all great people.  I enjoy capturing moments and making people smile,  I think I have big shoes to fill and hope I can do justice LOVE Sandi 💜💜💜💜


Steve Chapman

Road Captain

I got my bike license when I was 16 – went to the police station in Gawler and the local cop followed me around the block.  The bike – well it was a 125cc two stroke Puch motor scooter – no lights, no indicators, no speedo, 32mph flat out. 

Since then I have had a number of bikes, Yamahas, Ducati’s but finally caught the Harley Bug in 2010, thanks to constant nagging by my good mate Hungry Stevens. I bought a 2011 Road King and since then my wife Suzi Q and I have had countless km of great  riding with our Harley mates. This includes some great National and Interstate rallies where we have made many friends and enjoyed rides to Tamworth, Cairns and Alice Springs and many places in-between.

Just recently I upgraded to a 2018 Road King and of course Blair, Mark and the team at Bikeworks really looked after me.

I was thrilled when asked to be a Road Captain by Nola the Head Road Captain and I look forward to seeing all the Bayside HOGS out and Rockin’ – we always have a lot of laughs, that’s what makes it a great Club.

Cheers Chappy, Chappysan, Flo, Oui Chef and many other Nicknames!


Nola Watson

Road Captain

My first experience of riding a motorcycle was at age 13 on a
Honda 90 postie bike which dad bought for rounding up sheep on
our farm at Puntabie near Ceduna. My twin brother (Grant Zippel)
and I were at boarding school in Adelaide and when we went
home for school holidays, we honed around on that bike all during
the holidays. My next experience with bikes was when I met my
husband Stuart in 1987, he had a Katana 1100 and no car, then a
Yamaha FJ1100 and a Kawasaki GPZ1000RX, which I loved
going for rides with him as pillion. In 1997 Stuart bought his first Harley, a Heritage Softail and soon after I just had to get my own licence. I bought a Kawasaki GPX250 to learn on and
just loved riding. After getting my full licence I took the Heritage out for a few rides and 3 months later, January 2000 at age 37, I bought a 1994 Dyna Low Rider. I was totally hooked and addicted to riding my Harley and after 9½ years and 100,000k's, I upgraded to a new 2009 Road King, which up to end of 2021 I have clocked up another 256,000km's. I have been a member of HOG since 2000 and am an Inaugural Member with Bayside
Chapter since it started in February 2016. In February 2017 I was given the honour of being Head Road Captain for the next 2 years. I loved every minute of this position, setting the ride calendar, organising and leading rides and overnighters and encouraging and helping other members to lead rides. In March 2019 I then became Assistant Director until stepping down end of January 2022. I have enjoyed my time in being involved on the Committee, and I will continue to be an active member and helping out with rides, being a Corner Marshall, welcoming new members
and assisting with the safety and welfare of everyone on our rides.
I am passionate about our Club and it’s been wonderful being involved and seeing it growing over the first nearly 6 years with so many new members enjoying the group rides, the fun and
making new friends while we are all sharing our passion of riding our Harley Davidson motorcycles. I have had so many adventures, whether it be a Club dayride or a road trip interstate and
have met so many great people along the way and made some wonderful friendships. If you don’t yet have a Harley Davidson or are looking to upgrade, drop into our sponsoring dealership Adelaide Harley Davidson Bike Works and have a chat to Blair and his friendly staff, you won’t be disappointed.
See you soon on a ride
I Live to Ride


Rachel Burris

Hog Shop Merchandiser

I have had a love of Harley’s and the lifestyle associated with being part of a Harley Club for the last 6 years as a pillion riding with my partner Jeff Brooks (Grumpy).

 We have been members of the Bayside Chapter since its inception and in that time have enjoyed many great rides, fun filled overnighters and functions held within the Club.  The family feel, friendliness and camaraderie within the Bayside Chapter is second to none.  Jeff is currently a Road Captain and the Chapter Historian. 

Therefore, I accepted the position of Hog Shop Lady so that I can contribute back to this great club as such I look forward to assisting all members of the Bayside Chapter with their merchandise needs.  I will also endeavor to promptly answer any queries you may have in relation to any of the products you can order through the Hog Shop.


Jorg Both 


 I have been involved with Harley Davidson for over 5 years, apparently a mid life crisis according to the wife. Bit of a petrol head in my youth, rode and built motor cycles and cars..

Love the fact I ride with like minded people who have an appreciation for a classic brand, riding around Australia is a privilege. 

I have been involved in IT for most of my life, looking back not something I would have imagined however a job I love, helping make life a little easier for people.

Since joining Bayside when we moved to Adelaide from Sydney has given Sandi  and I a group of friends and we always look forward to meeting up and exploring this great state.